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What are the factors that affect the value of gemstone

Dec. 28, 2018

  Nowadays, gemstone and jade collection has become a hot investment in the market. There are many kinds of jewels and jade on the market, but not all jewels have collection value. Therefore, in the process of collecting gemstone, you need to be cautious and understand what factors determine the value of gemstone.


  The value of gemstone itself is inseparable from its own material composition. The value of the materials that make up gemstone largely determines the value of the entire gemstone. For example, a There are plenty of good reasons to purchase a moissanite ring for your significant other, and they are a high-quality, long-lasting choice. These rings will provide you with radiance and brilliance that is simply unmatched. its material composition is metal material and moissanite, metal material is a wide variety, there are hard gold, platinum and K gold. Among them, the value of platinum tends to be higher than other metal materials. In addition, there are many factors determining the value of moissanite. The greater the weight of moissanite, the higher the value of moissanite. From this, it can be concluded that different materials will have different values and will give different values to the moissanite ring. Therefore, the material of Wholesale gemstone supplier china is an important value factor in the gemstone process.

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Design and craft

  There are often some jewels that differ greatly from the value of the original mining to the value of the sale. This is because the design and craftsmanship of a gemstone brand often gives the gemstone accessories some added value. In the development of gemstone brands, design and craftsmanship are indispensable driving forces, because only the unique design and the perfect combination of exquisite craftsmanship can design a beautiful work, attract consumers' attention with unique beauty, perfect The beauty has won the favor of consumers. Unique and novel is the glamour of the gemstone market, and the wide recognition in the market will also enhance the value of gemstone to a certain extent. When the supply is unable to meet the demand, the design and craft will give the gemstone a higher value.

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Historical celebrity effect

  We often hear about some jade auctions. Some seemingly flat jade can be auctioned ten times, hundreds of times, or even more than their own value. This is because some gemstone products have been given to historical celebrities. Halo. Just like Napoleon's engagement moissanite ring auction, the combination of simple metal material and three different colored stones, the price at the auction was more than 50 times higher than the original purchase price. At this time, the collection value of this moissanite ring is not in its own value, but in the value of the word "Napoleon" bound to it. Napoleon is the king of the famous French First Empire. He has a certain reputation in France and the whole world. For those who admire Napoleon, his name gives this moissanite ring a high collection value. It is the historical celebrity effect.

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  Summarize the above factors that determine the value of gemstone and jade collection, so that gemstone collectors have to consider in the process of collecting, so as not to misjudge the true value of gemstone in the collection process.

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