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Mysterious amethyst

Apr. 29, 2019

Legend of amethyst

  According to Greek mythology, the god of wine, Baska, had a mischief after drinking, and pushed a beautiful girl named Armest to a beast, just as the goddess Diana saw it all, in order to protect the girl from mutilation. Then, casting a girl into a white stone sculpture, Baska suddenly wakes up, regrets, because he found that he has been deeply fascinated by this white statue. When I was sad, the wine in my hand was accidentally spilled onto the sculpture. The stone slowly turned into a beautiful amethyst. To make up for my fault and to commemorate the girl, the god of wine then took the girl’s name "AMETHYST". "To name the amethyst."

  In Western customs, amethyst is the birthstone of February, symbolizing honesty, kindness, broad-ranging popularity, peace and good fortune and peace of mind. At the same time, because "Valentine's Day" is in February, and Amethyst, naturally become a gift for lovers to give each other, became a token of love, and became a symbol of love and perseverance. In the 1st century AD, Ibexu, in his masterpiece "The Museum", said that "purple gems are the eyes of Venus". In many countries in the West, amethyst is not only used as a stone for hangovers, but also as a lucky gem for performing artists.

  The ancient Romans were also accustomed to the rituals of cleaning sin and paying homage to the undead in February. Amethyst was symbolized as a taboo, preventing self-indulgence, maintaining honesty and reason, and was thus set in the rings of the bishops and priests.The 16th century Spanish court painter Velas Kaz is a great artist who loves Greek mythology and has a special liking for amethyst. With the spirit and warning given to him by Amethyst, he was deeply enchanted by his extraordinary talents in the tempting Philip IV Palace. He won the trust and favor of the king. In his later years, he personally designed a jewel laurel for the king with the theme of "abundance". The golden base is embellished with emerald leaves. The main stone is a grape carved with a large amethyst.

  It is housed in the Vienna Museum of Fine Arts.Amethyst is the commemorative jewel of the 17th anniversary of marriage. The reason is that the marital relationship of this period is more prone to cracks due to the heavy burden of life. The purpose of giving amethyst jewelry is to remind each other: Be especially wary of "the temptation of the devil." In Asia, the unparalleled noble purple is also a symbol of the dignity of the Japanese royal family; in Europe and America, amethyst is also a commemorative gem for the 20th birthday.

Top big amethyst complex

  Boucheron is a jewellery company owned by the French GUCCI Group. Boucheron always has the pulse of the times, drawing inspiration from Russian ballet, Cubism, Art Deco, African art and pop art. Today, Boucheron is an international brand and one of the few jewelers in the world who have always maintained the fine craftsmanship and traditional style of fine jewellery and watches.The Dior Amethyst High Jewelry Watch reinterprets the perfection of “Advanced Customization” in the field of watches. The 283 rare and precious jewels, hand-set by the finest Swiss craftsmen, showcase the uniqueness of this watch with a style of imperialism. Among them, 193 amethyst gemstones are more splendid, shining in the night sky with a fascinating brilliance.Bib-shaped amethyst necklace, made in 1947 by Cartier Paris, made of 18K and 20K gold and platinum, set with a heart-shaped faceted amethyst, an oval faceted amethyst, and 27 emerald-cut amethysts Between the crystals are dotted with turquoise cuts and brilliant cuts or long cut diamonds.

Amethyst shape and origin

  Amethyst has many kinds of ore, including sharp-angle crystals, crystal clusters, crystal cavities and other forms. The color is also divided into many levels, dark amethyst and light-colored amethyst. It is divided into Brazilian amethyst, Korean amethyst, Uruguay amethyst, Zambian amethyst, Madagascar amethyst and so on.Brazilian amethyst: Brazil is one of the main producing areas of natural crystals. There are a large number of amethysts produced. 

  Although Brazil produces amethysts of various colors from deep to shallow, the production of deep purple amethyst is still relatively small. Purple or medium purple amethyst price. The amethyst produced in Brazil is shredded into bracelets and necklaces all over the world. The price of these amethysts is at a moderate price, which is more acceptable to buyers.Korean Amethyst: Korean amethyst has a very charming blue-violet color and is very beautiful. Many people are very fond of this exotic color, which gives people a deep and noble temperament, but unfortunately the output has been decreasing in recent years, and the export of amethyst has also been restricted, resulting in Korean amethyst. It is extremely rare and the price has soared.

  Uruguay Amethyst: Amethyst produced in Uruguay is known as the best shade of amethyst. This purple is very deep and has a charm. It is also slightly intoxicating with burgundy. In recent years, it has produced very little. It is close to production, so it becomes extremely rare.

  Zambia Amethyst: Zambia produces amethyst granules that are very small, but its color is very good, with a bright red color, even if you look far away, you will not feel the crystal of the amethyst is black, the price is relatively expensive.Madagascar amethyst: Madagascar does not produce amethyst, and its amethyst produces more impurities, and the gloss is not good enough. It is relatively low-grade in amethyst, and it is not very popular.

Mysterious amethyst

Amethyst maintenance

  The best way to maintain your daily amethyst is to store it separately. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily wearing of amethyst, avoiding direct sunlight. Excessive exposure to sunlight will cause the amethyst to fade and the magnetic field to fade. Therefore, if you wear amethyst, please try to avoid the amethyst directly receiving the sunlight. Other crystals are also in this way.

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