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Moissanite is the first choice for newcomers

Nov. 07, 2018

  Sales data shows that Wholesale gemstone supplier people who purchase small fractions of diamonds have surpassed those who purchase carats and become a new force in domestic wedding spending. "I can't afford to buy big ones. It's not bad to buy a small one. In any case, it is also a diamond, and it has the function of maintaining and increasing value!" This is the main mentality of many newcomers to buy broken diamond rings.

  However, small broken diamonds do not have a value-preserving function, and buyers must be vigilant! In general, Moissanite original gemstone diamonds are divided into 10 grades. Diamonds above 1 carat are called large diamonds, which have the most value-preserving and appreciation functions. Diamonds smaller than 0.1 carats are called broken diamonds. The quality of these broken drills is generally poor, although cheaper, but only the most basic decorative features, easy to lose, easy to damage. More importantly, the small broken diamonds have poor value-added functions. 

  According to market data, since 2011, international diamond quotations have been rising all the time. The current price of high-quality diamonds has increased by more than 30%, creating a new record in the diamond market in the past 10 years. In the meantime, the price of small diamonds has barely risen, and it has actually depreciated much compared to the carats. For example, some domestic jewellery craftsmen also recycle broken diamonds, domestic famous brands, Hong Kong's, Taiwan's small broken diamonds, only 10 yuan, the price is very low.

Moissanite is the first choice for newcomers

  Therefore, the insiders suggest that from the perspective of investment, buying diamonds must buy more than 1 carat, so the space for value preservation is great; if you spend a lot of money to buy broken diamonds, you may be permanently stuck. In addition, from a decorative point of view, buying a broken diamond is not as good as buying a Mosang diamond. Because the small broken diamond is too small, the elements such as clarity, color and cut are not perfectly reflected, and it is difficult to reflect the beauty of the diamond in appearance. The appearance and hardness of the Mosang diamond are almost the same as those of the diamond, and the refractive index and the fire-reduction ratio are much higher than the diamond. 

  It can be said that in terms of decoration, the Mosang diamond is a brighter gem than the diamond. More importantly, the price of synthetic gemstones wholesale is only about one-tenth of that of the same diamond, and the huge price advantage has attracted many consumers. Take the Mosang diamond jewelry of the Diamond Association as an example. It uses the excellent white Mosang diamond from Charles Scava, USA. It is limited in production and preferentially recycled. It is equivalent to the value-added function. It is widely loved by consumers. Drilling has become a new fashion.

  Experts suggest that the purchase of small broken diamonds is neither beautiful nor value-preserving. The most valuable value is carat diamond. The most beautiful one is Mosang Diamond. Consumers can choose to purchase according to their own needs.

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