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How to protect ruby

May. 05, 2019

Everyone will be especially cherished for precious gems and their accessories, just like diamonds and ruby stone. They are not only beautiful, beautiful, but also have extraordinary love meaning. Such gems or ornaments are worthy of our attention, so daily maintenance is very important. So how to maintain ruby?

Ruby wear and maintenance

The maintenance of ruby starts from everyday wear. For example, when wearing ruby or jewelry, after makeup, don't wear it when makeup, because cosmetics also have chemicals that corrode rubies and cause ruby discoloration. Also try to avoid soaps, detergents, detergents and other acids and bases. When you are exercising or doing heavy work, it is best to remove the ruby so as not to collide with the damaged gem.

ruby maintenance

Ruby cleaning and maintenance

Ruby wears for a long time and loses its luster, so it needs to be cleaned regularly, preferably once a month. When cleaning, we can soak the ruby in the warm water that is fully dissolved in the salt of defensive salt for about 30 minutes, then gently brush the surface of the gemstone with a small brush, and then dry it with a soft flannel. Cleaning can also go to jewelry stores, which have such services.

Ruby placement and maintenance

The placement of rubies is also very important. It is best not to mix rubies with other stones. Because the hardness of each gem is different, different gemstones are easy to rub and scratch each other, causing the surface of the gem to wear.

Ruby cleaning

How to protect ruby? The maintenance knowledge introduced above hopes that you will remember that these are often used in our daily life. Only when the ruby is properly worn and maintained can it exert its beautiful brilliance to better show the charm of the wearer. The same is true for other gems.

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