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How to distinguish between Moissanite and diamonds

Mar. 27, 2019

  People always have a strange behavior, buy a diamond, or a friend bought a Moissanite, always like to figure out whether they or someone else bought a diamond is Moissanite? And, maybe, you can use these methods to show your friends and family to show that you are professional enough. Here are some simple identification methods and professional identification methods:

  Perspective test: Place the diamond on the table or newspaper in a black font on the desktop, and try to see the words through the diamond. It is impossible to see the black font underneath through a round diamond with a good cut ratio. This is because the diamond has a high refractive index, so if you encounter moissanite diamond with a high refractive index, this one The method cannot be distinguished.

moissanite diamond.png

  A single-refraction or birefringent diamond with a 10x magnifying glass is a single-refraction gemstone, and moissanite is birefringent. Looking at the pavilion from the diamond tabletop with a ten-fold magnifying glass, it can be seen that there is a ghost phenomenon in the ridgeline near the tip of the hole, or a slight angle from the kite surface can also be seen when the ridgeline near the tip of the pole has a ghost phenomenon. It is Moissanite, not a diamond.

moissanite test.png

  Specific gravity liquid. Diamond and Moissanite have different proportions, so they can be distinguished by pycnometer, but only for unset jewels. For example, the specific gravity of diamond is 3.52, and the specific gravity of moissanite is 3.22, so when used When the specific gravity liquid is 3.30, when the diamond is placed in the specific gravity liquid, the diamond will sink, and the synthetic moissanite will float on the surface when it is placed in the specific gravity liquid. (The chemical composition of the specific gravity liquid is diiodomethane, which is highly toxic, so be careful when using it.)

moissanite stone lab.png

  Fire method: Burning a gemstone with a lighter, moissanite will appear slightly yellow, but after annealing, it will return to its original state, and the color will not change after the diamond burns. But be careful, don't exceed 600 degrees, or the diamonds will be oxidized. Unless you have to, never try this method to avoid disputes.

method ways stone.png

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