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Colored gemstone 's colour have life

Dec. 06, 2018

 Colored stone is the abbreviation of colored gemstones. It is the general term for all colored gemstones except diamonds in the gem family. A colored gem is not a gem, but a type of gem composed of dozens or even hundreds of gemstones. Colored gems usually refer to all colored gems in natural gems except colored diamonds.

Colored gemstone, as the darling of the Wholesale gemstone supplier market, is beautiful and has room for appreciation. Common colored stones include agate, garnet, peridot, turquoise, amethyst, and citrine.

In the past five years, Colored gemstone has become one of the most jewellery consumer products with the highest investment potential. Colorful treasures are both scarce and aesthetic, and should be molded into various shapes, so whether it is collection or wear, colorful treasures have become a good choice for urban women.

 Colored gemstone 's colour have life

--So what are the effects of Colored gemstone?


Ruby is romantic, this color is a kind of queen that is born with the ability to enhance the gas field and enhance self-confidence. Good luck in daily collocation.


Citrine, giving a warm feeling. It is also a symbol of people's power and wealth since ancient times; yellow, lucky, evil, graceful, high-end atmosphere. Any pair of metals can complement it and become a peerless treasure.

Green crystal

Green is a color with a strange magic in the colorful treasure world, which is why it is sought after. Their creation in nature is an accidental combination, and the gemstones are extracted and green. Green is also a color with vitality. After wearing it, the whole person will look radiant and full of vitality.

Blue crystal

The blue magnetic field emitted by the blue crystal can make people's mind clear and emotionally stable. In particular, it can strengthen the ability of foresight and induction, so that you can communicate with your lover. After wearing, it has a deep and stable effect, which can make the mood stable.


--How to maintain ruby is better

The 18-year-old girl has changed from childish to mature. They wear brightly colored rubies that look very beautiful and lively. Because ruby symbolizes love, it is very suitable for young girls who are open-minded. Beautiful rubies also represent their yearning and expectation for love. For middle-aged women who have a successful career, wearing rubies can show their elegance and honor, and they can win the attention of everyone when they attend the banquet.


Ruby wears attention

 Ruby wear is different from other gems. Generally, there are not too many rules at random, so people can wear ruby gemstone in various positions as desired.Secondly, the red color of ruby is warm, so when wearing ruby, we can try to choose some simple, generous and plain clothes to match, so that the gems shine.

When choosing a ruby style, you should choose according to your appearance and body characteristics. For example, the body type is a thin and tall person. Selecting some elliptical style rubies can play a neutral role and show a softness. nice.

In addition, we should note that rubies also have people who are not suitable for wearing, because the magnetic field of ruby is strong, people with weak constitution are better not to wear rubies; and the ruby red hot ruby and the gems themselves are radical The nature of the magnetic field will accelerate the explosion of people's emotions, so ruby is not suitable for people who are emotionally excited.

--The benefits of women wearing rubies

 Beautiful and beautiful, if it is natural ruby can add value, medical records, ruby dry and hot, cold and heart, dampness and brain, refreshing and pleasing, relieve epilepsy, nourishing nerves, detoxification eyesight. Main cold or mucoid diseases, such as cold heart palpitations, palpitation, wet brain deficiency, cold neurasthenia, schizophrenia, epilepsy and various toxic diseases and eye diseases. Generally speaking, natural is more difficult to mine. Nowadays, the market is basically industrially produced, so there is basically no benefit except for good looks.

Ruby represents enthusiasm and love in the traditional sense, so ruby also has the name of "stone of love." Since ancient times, red is an auspicious color. Ruby is also regarded as a mascot. It represents a kind of blessing. Legend has it that if you wear a ruby ring in your left hand, you will have magical power and you will be able to make a living. Enemy is a friend, and its energy can help people master leadership and enhance spirituality.

 Colored gemstone 's colour have life

--Ruby maintenance tips

Thoroughly clean the method, use a small bowl or tea cup to hold the warm water after the defensive salt is dissolved, soak for 24 hours every 10 grams. Finally, dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Rubbing rubies with defensive salt every month can eliminate dead skin tissue on the ring from fungal growth and prevent disease.

Cold water immersion method, use a small bowl or teacup, put the defensive salt into the bowl, immerse the ruby in water for about 30 minutes, then use a small brush to gently scrub around the gems, then wave in the water for a while. Take it out and wipe it off with a paper towel.

Do not wear ruby gemstone during sports or heavy work to avoid irreparable damage caused by collision. Even in everyday wear, be careful to avoid wear and sudden blows, or it will damage even the least worn gemstones.


--What is Tourmaline's good for the body?

In addition to the beauty and beauty of the semi precious stone tourmaline, people have combined it with modern technology and developed many health benefits for tourmalines. Tourmaline can promote beauty promote blood circulation, calm facial nerves, calm nerves, relax balance, and accelerate metabolism.

Tourmaline has the outstanding characteristics of thermoelectricity. When wearing a tourmaline pendant or bracelet, when the temperature of contact with the human body rises, it can generate a current very close to the physiological current frequency of the human body, which can promote blood circulation. In particular, facial skin is dominated by the brain, often in a state of tension, with the use of tourmaline gemstones, can effectively calm the facial nerves, to achieve the purpose of soothing the nerves.

The tourmaline gem can release far-infrared rays and resist harmful rays in the sun. It can cure skin and balance physiological functions. Natural tourmaline itself has a peculiar piezoelectric effect and thermoelectric effect, which can stimulate skin microcirculation. Regular wear of tourmaline gemstone can activate various enzymes of female body and promote metabolism inside the body.Human use of the beauty effect of tourmaline The negative ions released by tourmaline can also improve sleep and improve work efficiency. Tourmaline helps health - prevent air conditioning disease, improve sleep, reduce the body's damage to the body against radiation.

The negative ions released by tourmaline also have a protective effect. The high-voltage static electricity generated by the excessive use of household appliances such as televisions, computers, refrigerators, and microwave ovens is very harmful to the body, and the tourmaline can reduce the damage of various high-voltage static electricity to the body. Effectively prevent myopia, while reducing the damage of dust to TV and computer.

The surface of the tourmaline always flows with a 0.06 mA microcurrent that is basically consistent with the human bioelectricity. Therefore, the bioelectricity of the human body can be supplemented and regulated at any time, so that the pathological potential returns to normal, and the bioelectricity law damaged by harmful waves such as electromagnetic waves is restored to normal. Play a role in health care.

The negative ions released by tourmaline can produce reactive oxygen, which allows people who work in the office to breathe more active and more easily absorbed by the body, which can effectively prevent "air conditioning disease."

 Colored gemstone 's colour have life

--Humans use the special fitness effect of tourmaline

Tourmaline steaming room: The tourmaline steaming room is a constant temperature room built using various building materials processed by tourmaline. Through heating and heat preservation, the energy of tourmaline can be quickly and strongly released in the form of far infrared rays, negative ions and micro currents. 

The energy field formed by them together can indirectly provide energy to the human body through the air, so that the human cells can be dormant. It is transformed into a state of exercise, speeding up the body's blood circulation and metabolism, excreting toxins from the body, balancing the body's pH and supplementing new nutrients, thus playing a role in health care and treatment.

The tourmaline can also emit an affinity magnetic field. For a person with leadership temperament, it can naturally attract more people to move closer to you, and can melt the gap between people.

It can be seen that the magical energy of tourmaline is not only a subjective legend, but a real scientific basis. The tourmaline gemstone not only gives people a beautiful embellishment, but also gives people a healthy blessing!

Colored gemstone 's colour have life

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