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About the cat eye stone you need to know

Mar. 14, 2019

  The main mineral component of cat eye stone is bismuth aluminum oxide. When exposed to strong light or sunlight, the cat eye stone will reflect a concentrated glare. When the intensity of the illumination changes, the reflection band of the cat eye stone will become weaker and weaker. Thickening and thinning; when the cat eye stone is turned, the reflected light band will change flexibly, resembling the cat's eyes. The cat eye stone is a precious stones with a hardness of 8.5 degrees, second only to diamonds and red and sapphire. The magical powers dump countless people.

  The identification of cat's eye gemstones is mainly based on refractive index, density, strength, inclusions and other characteristics. A lot of cat's eye gemstones are gray-brown and translucent, and there are more cat eye stones with the same refractive index. The cat's eye gemstone is basically cut into a curved surface. The refractive index is only an approximation. If the gemstone is already set, The density is not directly measurable, which makes it difficult to accurately distinguish the different cat's eye gems.

  The main distinguishing feature of cat eye stone is the obscure brown-eyed cat's eye. The filamentous inclusions of the cat eye stone are rutile, and some are empty tubes. Because these tubular bodies are slender and dense, the cat's eye is particularly effective, especially under weaker light sources. This is something that other gems can't match.

  Artificial cat eye stone is made of glass fiber, with red, blue and brownish yellow, among which the brown-yellow varieties are like natural cat eye stone. The difference between the two is that the artificial cat eye stone causes 2-3 bright bands outside the curved top, and only one natural cat eye stone; a magnifying glass aligns the sides of the artificial cat eye stone, and the hexagonal honeycomb structure is known; The artificial cat eye stone stone is less intense than the natural cat eye stone. A single light source is used to illuminate the side of the cat eye stone, and the colors on both sides of the cat eye stone are different. When the honey-colored cat eye stone is photographed from the left side, the left side is honey yellow, and the right side is milky white. When illuminated from the right side, the color is reversed.

  Cat eye stone is often considered a sign of good luck. Collectors believe that it will protect the owner's health and longevity from hardship, and long-term wear is also beneficial to the health of the reproductive system and related organs. It will also help collectors improve their memory and help collectors improve their fatigue. Improve the oxygen carrying behavior of red blood cells and reduce blood viscosity.

1. What are the spiritual effects of cat eye stone

  (1) Cat eye stone has a strong spirituality. People think that wearing it or placing it indoors can play the role of exorcism and evil spirits. It can also purify the air and bring a good mood to the family. The spirituality of the cat eye stone is not only reflected in the exorcism, but also enhances the wearer's self-confidence and courage, allowing the wearer to cope more calmly in the face of difficult setbacks, and has the courage to overcome difficulties.

  (2) At the same time in China and the West, cat eye stone is often used as a talisman, which has the function of ensuring safety and transshipment, and can also enhance the communicative ability of the wearer and improve interpersonal relationships.

About the cat eye stone you need to know

2, suitable for people wearing cat's eye

  (1) Cat eye stone not only has a very strong spirituality, but also has the effect of relieving inflammation, which can effectively treat high blood pressure or diabetes, so cat eye stone is very suitable for people with inflammation. The cat eye stone is rich in trace elements, which can improve the body's resistance. People with poor body resistance can also make the body more and more healthy.

  (2) People who lack self-confidence wear cat eye stone stones, which is conducive to their own confidence and the enhancement of the gas field, so that the effect of the cat eye stone can be fully exerted, but if you are a person who is confident about yourself, then it is best not to wear cat eye stone. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive. White-collar workers in the workplace are also very suitable for wearing cat eye stone, which can make your work more convenient.

  (3) Cat eye stone can be set not only on rings, earrings or pendants, but also as bracelets, cat eye stone pendants or cat eye stone earrings. There are no taboos to wear. Do not take them when bathing or sleeping, but if you are wearing them, The cat eye stone bracelet or ring needs more attention. Cat eye stone can attract good luck, so the cat eye stone bracelet or ring needs to be worn on the left hand.

About the cat eye stone you need to know

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