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About Amethyst grade

Mar. 07, 2019

  Nowaday, most of the crystals seen on the Internet are marked AA, A. AAA, some people even mark AAAA, buyers may not look at the internal materials, only look at the number of AAAA, the more you think the better. National Gemological Appraisers have not yet classified the crystals. They only divide the stones into natural and non-pure. A-grade crystals are only industry standards, but they cannot be used as standards because there is no standard of agreement. I think that AAAA crystal is purely deceitful. The so-called A, AA, AAA is just a standard set by the manufacturer. A AAA crystal is probably not as good as another crystal without A. I personally think that AA is already at the highest level, and there is no AAA crystal. Therefore, buy crystals, must not be deceived by these surface conditions.

  Natural crystals currently do not have strict international grading standards. Each market has different definitions, and some are not strictly industrial conventions. The general identification is based on the results of visual observation without the aid of a magnifying glass. There are mainly the following levels: AA grade: the entire crystal is transparent inside and outside, and there is no visible artifact on the surface. Class A1: There are very fine flaws, or small natural inclusions, no more than 3 mm of cloud or floc. Class A: There is a slight sputum, which is useful for clouds or cotton wadding that are easily visible to the naked eye. Class AB: There are large cloud inclusions, small ice cracks, and small scratches on the surface. Grade B: More than half of the crystals are clouds and inclusions, large ice cracks, and small cracks on the surface. Grade C: The lowest level, the whole is cloud-like, the ice crack marks are obvious, and the surface also has obvious cracks, which seems to be broken at any time. The value of crystal is also related to the size of the crystal. The same level, the bigger the rarer, and sometimes the lower level, but the crystal is large enough, it may be higher than the high-level small crystal. Due to the exploitation and production of natural crystals, crystals that do not produce enamel are difficult to obtain, or a small piece of crystal is used to make a small ornament. AA-grade products are rare, and they are the best on the market. High collection value.

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  As for the A-class classification of crystal, it is mainly for white crystal. The crystal above A grade requires instrument identification. The level of other crystals can only refer to white crystal, but it cannot be based on the standard of white crystal.There is no uniform national standard for the classification of crystals. I now list several grades of crystal according to my personal experience. (Please refer to the correction for the wrong information).

  1. The whole crystal has no impurities, it is transparent inside and outside, and the surface is unmanned, the highest level.

  2. There are very few impurities, which are barely visible to the naked eye. There are very few natural inclusions, slight cotton or floc, and good overall permeability.

  3. There are slight flaws, inclusions or flocs that are easily visible to the naked eye, or cracks, etc.

  4. There are many teachings, teaching the cloud's inclusions, small ice cracks, and small scratches on the surface.

  5. More than half of the whole crystal is cloud and inclusions, large ice cracks, and extremely poor permeability.

  6. The lowest level, the whole is cloud-like, the ice cracks are obvious, and the surface also has obvious cracks, which seems to be broken at any time.

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  Amethyst is a kind of high-quality semi precious stone. Its price and quality are directly proportional. Many people have very little money. It is impossible to buy a high-grade crystal. Some people buy crystal. If the surface permeability is poor or the condition is not good, I think I bought a bad crystal. The impurities and grade of the crystal determine the price of the crystal. To buy crystal, we must first understand these reasons. If you don’t buy it, you can’t complain. Of course, as a crystal dealer, it is very necessary to tell the buyer about the baby's condition when selling.

Misunderstanding 1, the price of crystal

  I accidentally saw a buyer that day, saying that dozens of crystals were bought on Taobao, and it was just beginning to be happy. Later, I heard people say that Lianyungang could buy a few crystals for a few yuan. What I want to tell you is that since you have decided to buy crystals, don't listen to others talking about the West. Some things are not understood by everyone. There are many crystals here, and there are many cheap crystals. However, precious crystals and high-priced crystals are also quite a lot.

  About the price of crystal, sometimes you see two identical crystals, the price is different, the crystal can rarely find two identical crystals, you are likely to encounter a picture of stealing a family. So, don't compare crystals in price, buy one in a cheap one.

  The price of crystal, the price of most sellers are not much different. Before buying, generally refer to the price range of the crystal you want to buy. Then carefully discern.

  The price of the crystal, and the material inside it, is related to its size and weight, especially the weight. Good crystals are bought in grams. Buy crystal, generally refer to the crystal price range of this grade, and then refer to his weight. Don't just decide on the price.

Misunderstanding 2, about perfect crystal

  It is not difficult to find that many wholesale gemstones manufacturer have to write a similar paragraph, the pursuit of perfection, please do not buy natural crystal.

  After getting the crystal, there are impurities on the surface, and the presence of impurities inside is completely normal. Some crystal cracks are normal, there is internal cotton, and it is very normal to get a crystal. It is normal. Therefore, if you encounter crystal impurities, don’t worry, think about it, the price of this crystal and you. The price is not consistent. Don't make decisions casually, be sure to communicate with the seller. In addition, the scratch on the outside of the crystal is also normal, perhaps the price of this crystal is very high, because of this, determines his value, so, after purchase, you should refer to many aspects.

(Strictly speaking, 100% perfect natural crystal is not available, so-called perfect is also relatively perfect. Here is a brief introduction to the common natural crystals for your reference.)

1. Ice crack: This is for the transparent crystal. It is visually cracked and has a flowering feeling. The crystallizing process of natural crystal does not produce ice cracks. It is supposed that it should be In the process of growing up, crystals may be exposed to earthquakes or formations and some "marks" in the interior, not cracks. Such as powder crystal, amethyst, white crystal ball, column, etc. are very common.

2. cotton or cloud: This is also for the transparent crystal, that is, the inside should be transparent but it looks impassable, foggy feeling or feel like cotton-like material inside The most common is the most in the titanium crystal, the blonde crystal, usually wears for a period of time will gradually spread out and become more transparent.

3. Mineral deficiency: It mainly refers to the place where the surface of the crystal feels like a pothole. It is naturally formed during the growth of the crystal and is not caused by human damage. Green ghosts, titanium crystals, and blonde crystals are more common.

4. damage: refers to the damage caused by the artificial process of the crystal due to the process or accidentally dropped, collision and other reasons. This is the most unfortunate situation.

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