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CUS 9X9mm DEF white Moissanite cushio

Size: 9X9mm

Colour: Clear White

Shape: CU


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def vvs moissanite stone

diamond moissanite stone

Moissanite Wholesale 

wholesale moissanite is more representative of love. First of all, it is a meteorite crystal 50,000 years ago, which can represent eternal meaning. Secondly, Moissanite is cultivated in the laboratory and does not need to be mined like a diamond and is more environmentally friendly. Most importantly, the price of Moissanite is only 1/9 of that of diamonds. The money saved will be used in honeymoon, family funds, and children's education, which is more in line with the original intention of love.

 The color division of Moissanite is divided into colorless, yellowish, light yellow and yellow. The more transparent and colorless Moissanite, its refraction and scattering is very good. And its value will be higher. The cutting union of moissanite is divided into five grades. The best grade is EXCELLENT, and the worst is POOR. Generally, the GOOD grade is more common on the market. Cutting is a factor that can directly determine the value of Moissanite. Good cutting can improve the high refractive index and high dispersion performance of Moissanite, and it can perfectly display the charm of Moissanite, and often the value will be high.

CUS 9X9mm DEF white Moissanite cushio

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