4x6mm PS high quality citrine gems stone

Size: 4x6mm

Colour: Citrine

Shape: PS

SKU: SP0299

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Citrine Gemstone:

Name:Citrine、Yellow creastly
Colour:pale yellow、orange、olive、golden yellow
Other:Cr、 Mn、 Cu and Fe
System:Trigonal system
Refractive index:1.544-1.553

citrine stone benefits

citrine bracelet

orange citrine

About Citrine gemstone

-Citrine is a colour, Brightness and chroma are excellent. As long as they are transparent and smooth, they are called top grades, and they are far more transparent than topaz. the most common reference for which is certain coloured varieties of quartz which are a medium deep shade of golden yellow. Therefore, they are favored by consumers and are often cut into pendants or ring faces.Asian bird species with golden-yellow plumage, or the citrine warbler. 

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