OVAL Syn. Corundum Ruby #5 red ruby round 3x5mm on sale

Size: 3x5mm

Colour: Ruby #5

Shape: OV

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  diamond cut synthetic corundum and natural gemstones are almost identical if they are only in appearance or physical properties. They can have near or exactly the same specific gravity, the same hardness, and some even the fluorescence reaction and absorption spectrum overlap each other, which is really difficult to distinguish. 

  If only from an aesthetic point of view, then many synthetic stones are more beautiful than ordinary natural stones. The difference between the two is actually only a different process of formation. Gemstones and artificial gemstones are produced using artificial techniques such as high temperature and high pressure, chemical reactions, etc., which simulate certain conditions in the laboratory or factory. Synthetic gemstones can grow for weeks or months.

double briolette corundum

emerald cut synthetic blue corundum

faceted loose corundum stone

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