8mm #46 ROUND Synthetic corundum gemstone alex alexandrite on sale

Size: 8mm

Colour: Alexandrite #46

Shape: ROUND

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Synthetic Gemstone 

  First: The Flame. Synthetic hot sale corundum stone ruby is one of the most common synthetic gemstones on the market, and it is also the earliest synthetic gemstone. Since the advent of the flame melting method at the end of the eighteenth century, the ruby synthesized by this method has been large.It has been flowing into the market for nearly a hundred years. The characteristics of the flame melting synthetic ruby are obvious and easier to identify. Flame melting method to synthesize ruby bubbles (bubbles are usually small, black spots under a low magnification magnifying glass) Shape, if the bubble is large, high magnification can distinguish the contour of the bubble, often spherical.

  Second: The flux method. Also known as the high temperature melt solution method, is to dissolve the composition of the crystal at a high temperature in a low melting flux flux to form a saturated solution. Then form a fullness by slowly cooling and other methods.And the solution, while crystallizing the crystal. Due to the high production cost of the co-solvent method, the red and sapphire synthesized by this method is also relatively expensive, so the yield is much lower than that of the red and sapphire synthesized by the flame melting method.

  Three: The typical internal feature of hydrothermal method is the inclusion of seed crystals. The seed crystals have obvious boundaries with the rubies on both sides. There are some irregularly developed crystal buds and misty inclusions on both sides of the wafer.The most important solid inclusion in the flux synthesis of rubies is the “flux residue”, which is light yellow and orange-red under reflected light.It has a metallic luster, and most of it is opaque. Its shape is dendritic, fence-like, net-like, twisted cloud, and molten droplets.

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