Black Moissanite

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Black moissanite stone

  Nowadays, the color of moissanite can reach D color in China. The appearance of Moissanite is very similar to diamond, it is very difficult to distinguish by eye sight and its physical characteristics are closest to diamond.

  At first glance, Moissanite and diamond could not be distinguished easily, even by the equipment, with a closer look, you will find that Mossanite's fire is stronger than diamond.

  Under professional equipment, moissanite gemstone’s fire is 2.5 times than diamond’s. And the dispersion for diamond is 0.044, for Mossanite is 0.104; the refraction for diamond is 2.417, for Mossanite is 2.65, overall, moissanite has more dispersion and refraction than diamond. Though the mohs hardness for diamond is 10 and for Moissanite is 9.25, it’s still higher than other gemstones.

  Inclusions: Natural diamonds have their special natural contents and external features. Moissanite has naturally occurring needle-like inclusions because it is the high temperature generated by the special laboratory to simulate the impact of meteorites striking the formation.

  Moissanite:  Moissanite gemstone(a type of silicon carbide), also known as carborundum, is mostly synthetic in the market. Natural moissanite is very rare and only appears in craters. Its color is mostly dark green. ,black. It has been mainly used as an abrasive for many years, and has been researched and developed in the field of electronics in recent years, such as for LED materials.

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