Semi Precious Gemstone

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Semi Precious

In gemology, gemstones are generally divided into precious gemstones and semi-precious stones.

  There are four main types of precious stones, namely diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, while the rest of the stones, such as crystal, agate and carnelian, moonstone, are semi-precious stones.

  The main semi precious stones wholesale: tourmaline, crystal, lapis lazuli, topaz (topaz), sea sapphire, garnet, olivine, tiger eye stone (wood stone), labradorite (moonstone), star stone, Obsidian, malachite, turquoise, red stone, purple dragon crystal, Dongling jade, fluorite, agate, chalcedony, Czech meteorite, opal, Shujialai stone, spodumene, calcite and so on.

In addition, organic gemstones, amber, pearls, and corals are also classified as semi-precious stones.

  There are many varieties of semi-precious stones, and different semi-precious stones have different characteristics, identification methods, and different values.

  Unfortunately, Some people believe that the word "semiprecious" is derogatory.but today,the terms appear repeatedly in numerous books, magazines, web pages, and other documents published by companies in the gem and jewelry industry, government agencies, and the the popularity of crystal jewelry, the other semi-precious stones crafts are selling well, and the other semi-precious stones are attributed to the scope of generalized crystal..some people really like these names. 

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