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Synthetic Gemstone

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Synthetic Stones

  A synthetic gem is a man-made material with essentially the same chemical composition, crystal structure and optical and physical properties as the natural gem material.

  The two most basic facts about Original Synthetic Stones oem are:

  1.Their physical, optical, and chemical characteristics are the same as those of their natural counterparts.For example,The composition and structure of a laboratory-grown synthetic ruby, for example, are essentially the same as those of a natural ruby.

  2.Although they are the result of processes that approximate conditions that exist in the earth, they are products of the laboratory, not nature.The term actually comes from the Greek word for “to put together.” People “build” or, more accurately, “grow” synthetic crystals.

  Because it is very natural for people to use synthetic gems to make the most popular decorative jewellery or simulation jewellery. These jewellery are very beautiful and the price is very low. Most people can afford it and are very popular among the masses. The sales volume is getting higher and higher.It can be seen from the above that the main value of synthetic gems is that it is unobjectionable to decorate.

  However, one thing to note is that the concept of synthetic gems is not "sparse". The concept is relatively rare. If compared with the high-end products of the same natural gemstones, synthetic gems are not rare; but if compared with similar natural gemstones or available The amount of synthetic gems is still "rare" in terms of decorative materials.

  In addition, many famous Synthetic Stones Wholesale value will continue to increase over time, and some can even reach the level of collection.The price of synthetic gems is quite cheap compared to natural gems of the same color and quality. The magnitude of the cheapness is related to the ease of synthesis, the size of the yield, and other factors.

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