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Square princess Loose 2ct lab grown diamond Gesmstones price for jewelry

Brand Name: Messigems
Gemstone Material: Lab grown diamond
Gemstone Color: D E F
Gemstone Shape: SQ
Gemstone Weight: 2ct

Trillion cut DEF White color VVS1 clarity loose Moissanite with factory price

hot lab grown diamond

Lab grown diamond
Square princess cut lab diamond
DEF White
2ct sample is available
Sample Lead Time:
1-2 days
Delivery Time:
2 days after payment for stock
Custom Clearance:
Certificate files can be provided (100% easy)
Shapes provide:
Round/ Pear/ Rectangle/ Octangle/ Square/ Heart/
Cushion/Marquise/ Triangle/ Oval/ Drop(Customize are welcome)
Color Provide:
Clear white, white, light yellow, champagne, light blue, light green.


About Diamond Tester

 As HPHT method involves using metal catalyst, it is hard to avoid some metals entering the crystal during growing process, so HPHT diamonds might be magnetic. And if the magnetism is too strong, diamonds will not be able to pass the diamond teste. Because CVD diamonds are formed by mere gas, they can be produced without magnetic and are able to pass the diamond tester pen.

lab made diamonds

What is lab grown diamonds?

  Chemical Vapor Deposition. Chemical vapor deposition uses one or more gases to chemically react on a heated solid substrate and is coated with a solid film. The diamond is a natural diamond bare stone as the mother stone, using high-purity methane, plus hydrogen, nitrogen and other gases to assist, in a microwave oven under high pressure, so that the same carbon molecules in methane as diamond continue to accumulate on the rough diamond. Layer by layer, it can form transparent diamonds up to 10 carats. 

  In order to make CVD diamonds grow smoothly, the carbon source is often methane that already has a diamond structure. Methane can be regarded as a monoatomic diamond extruded with hydrogen. The quality of this "grown-up" diamond is almost the same as a natural diamond, making it hard to distinguish with the naked eye. At present, this kind of CVD synthetic diamond can be distinguished from natural diamond by observing its phosphorescence performance under short-wave ultraviolet, and a simple preliminary screening can be performed.

Lab grown diamond IGI Certificate

lab grown diamonds price