6.5mm moissanite white RD wholesale


Size: 6.5mm

Colour: White 

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6.5mm moissanite white

white RD wholesale

moissanite wholesale

Advantages of Messi Gems:

 Moissanite's price is decided by the size of it and whether or not it's enhanced. 1 carat diamond is 10 times that of Moissanite.And Messigems 's price will be more reasonable than the other manufacturer.So just contact us today.

Moissanite is available in just about any cut imaginable.

RD, OV, PS, MQ, PRINCESS, EMERALD, ASSCHER, RADIANT, HS, CU, TSP, ST, TAPERED, TRILL ...And those are just a few. You could even find a ring that is cut into a starburst shape if you're looking for something non-traditional.

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